Treating PTSD With Music

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Music is the one media that transcends time, I can hear a song today from my youth and it will take me right back.  Music also can help heal, it generates memories of happier times.  In dealing with PTSD symptoms, music can undoubtedly play a key role, and this program in Virginia is definitely tapping into the power of music to heal.  – PTSD United Staff

Program uses guitar lessons to treat vets for PTSD

Published: December 31, 2013

HAMPTON – “Music has charms to soothe a savage breast.”

Playwright William Congreve coined that sentiment in 1697. Three centuries later, Dan Mathes is a poster boy for it.

Mathes, 54, came to the Hampton VA Medical Center in August carrying a lot of baggage from his 21 years in the Army. On a recent Friday afternoon, all of that was relegated to a back shelf of his mind as he caressed a shiny, new Yamaha acoustic guitar.

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