Treat Yourself To Some Quiet Time

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This past weekend I found myself in Seattle, I had been there several times for work, this was my first trip there on vacation.  If you have never been to the Pacific Northwest, I suggest you try to make it there if you can, beautiful, lush, green scenery, friendly people, great restaurants, you really cannot go wrong.

I was there with a pretty big group, we had a full weekend of activities planned out and we made sure we really took in as much as we could.  I am getting older, and now as a new parent I quickly found that I had a hard time keeping up with my younger and mostly single counterparts.  The weekend was one big party, but I made it a point to give myself some quiet time here and there as I was on sensory overload all weekend long.  During a ferry ride, I rode out on the sundeck alone enjoying the picturesque views, during a walking tour I went to the waters edge and soaked in the skyline.  I was never truly alone, and there was noise all around, but making the decision to ‘tune-out’, even if for only a minute, really helped calm me in what was otherwise a really hectic weekend.

I don’t think I had ever purposely done this before in the past, but I am going to make it a point to do this going forward.


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