Think Global, Act Local

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Each and every day we are presented with moments where we can help others, even in the most miniscule way.  Holding a door open for a stranger, letting someone in front of you in line at the grocery store, picking up a dropped item when someone has their hands full, you get the idea.  These minor gestures often take little to no time or effort on your part, but could mean the world to someone else.

Now, when we hear the phrase ‘think global, act local’, I am sure your thoughts quickly go to any number of subjects (public policy for example), many of which may have you feeling too small to impact.  We are but one person, there is only so much we can do, which makes sense.  But what if your actions were on an even smaller scale, what kind of contributions can you make to the people you surround yourselves with everyday?

Everyone has those days where nothing goes right, seemingly every decision is the wrong one, every possible outcome is the one you had not hoped for.  Your small gesture of kindness could be the one positive thing that has happened to a total stranger all day, think about that for a second.  Think back to a time when you found yourself in a rut and one small gesture from someone turned everything around. You may or not remember when the day took place, or what was so wrong at the time, but I guarantee you do remember when things started to turn around for you, and if anyone else was involved in that momentum shift.

Could I do something today to change what my State and/or Federal government does?  Who knows, maybe.  Could I do something today that changed someone’s mood, absolutely, and that to me is way more satisfying.


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