The VA Issues

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The VA has been in the news a lot lately and most of the reports have not placed them in a good light. There have been stories of backlogs, crazy wait times and cries of “understaffed” and “underfunded”. It’s this simple article that really set me off though:

8 years for psych eval a ‘harmless error,’ VA says

With all of the scrutiny going on it’s time for someone to take responsibility. These stories are not “harmless errors”. Your job is to help our veterans; your job is to help those suffering from mental and physical problems. When did it become fine to send Americans to war and not care for them when they return home? When did it become fine to let people wait for 8 years?

Veterans aren’t waiting 8 years for a vacation or a car. There are serious consequences to neglecting our veterans: lives are on the line.

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