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When I read this quote from Gandhi, I immediately think about the things we suppress in fear of being ostracized because of the negative stigma associated with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  Speaking, moreover accepting the truth is something that is necessary for growth.  I think that the truth is a starting point for most people towards healing – the acceptance, and then being able to share the truth – that’s what matters.  I think that PTSD United is a great place to start connecting with others, whether anonymously or in name, and sharing our truths in an environment filled with love and compassion for each other.


  1. W. Burnett June 29, 2013 6:41 am / Reply

    Thank you for posting this quote by Ghandi. When he speaks of an individual’s knowledge of, and disclosure of the truth, and that it is often dismissed, but to carry on…this has touched me greatly. Many people, especially in one’s own family cannot believe the truth of reported abuse and trauma and therefore will close ranks in a cruel denial that such things can occur. The outcome is the victim is seen as the one to be wary of, to shun, rather than confronting the perpetrators.
    One starts to believe them after time, just to be accepted and loved. I’m working to accept I will not be accepted by a family whose maneuverings took away my rights, when I was in my twenties. Because I could not speak all the truth; I stopped speaking and that was an opportunity that only re-enforced a belief that I was simply disturbed. and therefore rejected by my family. Now in my fifties, I realize I will never be able to change the minds of those I love that I have worth in spite of my flashbacks and nightmares.

  2. Josh Rizzo June 29, 2013 7:38 pm / Reply

    Gosh, what an amazing story. I saw that you signed up for Beta testing and I thank you for that – it’s such a beautiful thing for folks to come to realizations and relate with things. Your generation is one that we would like to really bring into the fold of what we’re doing. Your courage is inspiring and we look forward to your wisdom in helping not only increase the reach of PTSD United to your generation, but also to understand that you’re not alone and to help out the younger people. Again, thank you sir – excited about the future!
    Very Respectfully,
    Josh Rizzo

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