June is PTSD Awareness Month and the month brings a lot of ideas, thoughts and emotions into all of us at PTSD United. While we are glad that the issue is receiving awareness, we also feel there is so much more that can be done. PTSD is a massive subject, affects millions of people, and there is still an insane amount of information to learn. These thoughts can be overwhelming.

So, when it seems like we are a drop in a large bucket, we look at huddl – the anonymous and free social network that we created a year ago.  We go back to the basics and see that we are helping – by allowing people to help each other. 

A few users have expressed what huddl means to them:

Anonymous User: “I tend to fall often, sometimes many times in one day, but I’m trying to come out of a deep and bad place. huddl helps me to keep getting back up, instead of giving up.”

Anonymous Response to above : “I fall constantly, and sometimes I need a hand getting up. huddl is that hand in a way I never imagined.”

The truth is, traumatic events happen and people everywhere are struggling to come to terms with those events. We all have pasts and we all could use a helping hand. Yet, too often people with “scary pasts”, “problems” or trauma are dismissed by others. Instead of dismissing, what if we all reached out? What if we all listened for a few minutes instead of not having enough time? What if we stopped talking about people that don’t seem to have their life completely in order?

The simplest notion of connecting with other people is how we are dealing with traumatic events. We created huddl to take on trauma from the ground up, to show everyone that they aren’t alone in their thoughts and bad days. And we made it easier to connect by having everyone be anonymous. Tragedy and trauma are not simple issues – but let’s go back to the basics: we all have the power to help those around us, it’s simple – connect

If you would like to be inspired, or need a helping hand, please join us at