Respect For Others

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We all have seen or read nightmarish stories of people and their dealings with customer service.  There is the viral video one woman posted of herself degrading employees at a Dunkin Donuts in Florida, and now a new story of a pop-star allegedly caught on camera doing some pretty gross things that someone else will eventually have to clean up.  I have never understood how or why people can behave in such a fashion, but as someone who has way too often dealt with difficult clients & customers, I can tell you it really takes its toll.

My 9-5 is a challenging one, both mentally & emotionally. I deal with clients all day, many of whom forget the whole idea of tact whenever engaging with their vendors & agencies. Dealing with difficult customers is inherent in any service industry, some days are better than others but you know that your day could be ruined in a matter of seconds.

I keep this simple fact in the back of my mind at all times whenever I am someone else’s customer. Things do not always go as planned, mistakes happen, no big deal, correct it and move on, no need to take your anger or frustration out on someone just trying to earn a living. You, as the customer, never have any idea what the other person is going through, they could be having an awful day and you being rude to them could just make it that much worse.

Treat others the way you want to be treated, so simple yet I feel like we have really veered far off-course from this simple motto. Do yourself a favor, next time you find yourself having a tough day, remember that you are not the only one having a tough time, and taking your frustrations out on others never helps anyone or anything.

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