Real Heroes

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I cringe when I turn on the news most days. What our media outlets decide is or is not newsworthy often baffles my mind, I think that’s why I rarely watch broadcast news anymore, instead choosing to get most of my news online where I have more control of what I actually consume.

As a huge sports fan, I am put off every time an Athlete is so closely scrutinized over their past mistakes & indiscretions. Do I think they should be subjected to criticism for making bonehead mistakes, absolutely, but I think we need to take it one level higher; we view these athletes as heroes, should we? Alex Rodriguez is a gifted athlete who makes seemingly bad decisions, that’s it. How does that make him a hero? Johnny Manziel won the Heisman after 1 stellar season, an incredible accomplishment, but why does that make him a hero? Day after day, these 2 athletes and others who have fallen from grace grab our attention, they are newsworthy.

Personally, I would like to hear more about Staff Sgt. Ty Carter, who will be receiving the Congressional Medal of Honor. Where can I find more news on Temar Boggs and his friend who chased down a kidnapper on bikes until he eventually let a young girl go. Or, how about a professional athlete, Jonathan Willard, who alerted a driver that her car was on fire, and then helped pull the family, including a toddler, from the vehicle while it was being engulfed by flames.

These real heroes deserve more than a one day mention in the news. We should constantly be reminded of what they did and how we all could learn from their selfless actions.

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