Random Acts Of Kindness

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A few weeks ago my wife & I were on a beach walk with our precocious 14 month old son.  An elderly man with long white hair, pulled back into a ponytail, bent down about 15 yards in front of us, picked up something and kept walking towards us.  As he passed us, he extended his hand to produce a $1 coin, he looked down at my son then back to me and said “For his college fund.”

The man smiled and was on his way.  We said thanks before he went, then my wife & looked at each other for a minute before moving along.

The $1 coin was what this man had picked up, and like most people, you would assume finders keepers.  This gentlemen must have been pushing 70, he looked good for his age too so my guess as to his age might be off, but in the few brief moments where our lives intersected will stay with me for a while.  Here was this older man, happening upon a little bit of money, and within a few steps passing it onto my infant son so he can do something with it.  This was such a small gesture, but one that I will remember for a long time.

I hope you read this one day kind sir, and I hope you remember us & the small kind gesture you passed onto us.  And just so that you know, I still have that $1 coin, and will be giving it to my son when is a little older, and sharing the story of how we came to get this small but meaningful piece of metal.

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