PTSD treatment and stress management

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It’s not only those dealing with PTSD on a daily basis that can benefit from stress management techniques and other PTSD treatments…even daily chronic stressors, while not nearly as significant as the trauma’s that can lead to PTSD, can have long term consequences if not addressed. — PTSD United Staff

3 Lessons PTSD Treatment Teaches About Stress Management

Even if our lives are trauma free, we all need ways to better manage stress
Published on May 29, 2013 by Julian Ford, Ph.D. in Hijacked by Your Brain
“….PTSD begins as an adaptive reaction to life threatening or horrifying stressors. PTSD’s symptoms, like disturbing memories and flashbacks,sleep and memory problems, and feeling so emotionally on edge or shut-down that we find ourselves avoiding people or activities that used to be pleasurable, are classic stress reactions. They are absolutely normal when our survival is threatened, because they are the result of calls from our brain’s alarm to put everything else aside and mobilize our body to deal with the threats or dangers facing us.”

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