Memorial Weekend

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Americans love any chance to celebrate, throw a party or a parade. But, on Memorial Day (and the weekend), we should take a moment to pause, remember and appreciate all of the soldiers who have fought for our freedom and aren’t here to celebrate with us.

“I have friends buried in a small corner of a rolling green field just down the road from the Pentagon. They’re permanently assigned to Section 60. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, it’s 14 acres in the southeast corner of Arlington National Cemetery that serves as a burial ground for many military personnel killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. There are fresh graves there.

I spent my formative years in combat boots and all of my friends are in the military, were in the military, or married into the military. I have several friends buried at Arlington, and know of dozens more men and women interred in that hallowed ground.”

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I’m a veteran, and I hate ‘Happy Memorial Day’. Here’s Why.

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