Government Shutdown

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The recent Government shutdown impacted millions of people, from federal employees & their families, to those wanting to visit our Nation’s parks & monuments who were not allowed to do so.  With all the DC bickering aside, what I was most upset about was our most precious Veterans who were not able to utilize their VA benefits.  Just writing that makes me sick to stomach, that our elected officials struggle to work together while our most deserving citizens suffer is disheartening to say the least.

Politics aside, there are organizations out there solely focused on helping people, and I like to think that our organization is one of them.  Our users are our lifeblood, we are not here for personal gain, the sole purpose of launching this site and starting our non-profit was purely selfless.  We have been where you have, we have felt helpless, and we have just wanted to reach out to others with similar experiences.  Our small but grown community understands the importance of teamwork, that giving is just as important as taking, and they thrive because of it.

Wouldn’t it be incredible if our leaders in DC could do the same?

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