Federal Funds Towards PTSD Research

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For many of us who live with PTSD, detection & treatment are key points we all would like to see addressed.  Any steps towards research are key to helping all of us, and those who may find themselves seeking help in the future.  News like this is really encouraging to read. – PTSD United Staff

VA Gets $45 Million For PTSD

White River Junction To Spearhead Research

White River Junction — In the 1970s and 80s, Larry Greene struggled through many sleepless nights.

“It’s hard to get a good night’s sleep,” said Greene, 64, of West Lebanon. “You’ve got all of these, I like to call them ‘demons.’ ”

The “demons” that were keeping Greene awake at night were a product of the post-traumatic stress disorder he developed after seeing heavy combat during the Vietnam War. His disorder affected many aspects of the Army veteran’s life. He had trouble holding down a job. He was short-tempered. Sometimes, he’d walk into a supermarket and become so overwhelmed with anxiety that he’d leave the groceries at the checkout counter.

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