Does PTSD Deserve The Purple Heart?

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We here at PTSD United are grateful all of our Veterans, past & present, for their service to our Country in both in times of peace and in times of War.  This is an interesting perspective on awarding those veterans suffering with PTSD with the distinguished Purple Heart award – PTSD United Staff

How The Purple Heart Can Help Heal Veterans with PTSD

Criteria for the Purple Heart medal seems straightforward: “any action against an enemy of the United States” in which a service member is “wounded or killed” merits the award. But in practice granting of the award is a contentious issue among combat veterans and a charged field for both the wounded and those who judge the wounds.

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  1. sergio garcia October 7, 2013 10:25 am / Reply

    I beleive the goverment should stop beating arround the bush and approve the award for ptsd it is a injury some say not vissible then what do you call all the suicides caussed by this the deaths caused by this and families torn apart from ptsd its a injury that has Been caused by trauma.

  2. sergio garcia October 7, 2013 10:29 am / Reply

    And about the new camo idea that is awsome everybody having same uniform after all isnt that what is taught to us the first day of training dress right dress and uniformity we all should look the same we all belong to the same country and by having all these colors and patterns what does this say about our country i hope it does go back to the old ways…

  3. sergio garcia October 7, 2013 10:34 am / Reply

    As far as syria goes we should stay out of that region for a while dont bluff something then backdown that shows other countries we dont mean buisness i honestly dont think its worth fighting for what if we had a revolution would we like it if a diffrent country would invade us and start causing deaths and colateral damage defacing our cities kike we dud in iraq think about this for a min ..

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