Air Force vet fights PTSD with adaptive sports

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I always try to focus on the strength and courage of those that pull past the dark times and show all the PTSD sufferers out there that even in your darkest day, there is light at the end of the tunnel.  This Air Force vet bounced back from two suicide attempts with some intense physical training.  — PTSD United Staff

“Air Force veteran Steve Otero joined the military right out of high school.  He chose to become a combat photographer and spent more than eleven years documenting the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, often assigned to elite special forces units.

After being exposed to many small explosions during his career, Otero eventually needed five surgeries to remove scar tissue from his abdomen.  He was also diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury about a month after leaving the Air Force. But he says it was his PTSD that really ended his military career.

“When I got out, it was a scary, scary time. My wife was pregnant with twins and I didn’t have a job lined up, ” Otero said.  “I was isolated, I was scared and I was in pain.”

After two suicide attempts, Otero finally found adaptive sports and competed in shooting at the 2013 Warrior Games.  He says being physically active again helped save his life.  That, and the support of his wife….”

Visit the link below to read the rest of this story and watch the news clip of Steve explaining his struggles with PTSD and how he overcame them through physical activity.


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